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Consistently Deliver an Amazing Experience For Every Customer

We Provide Objective and Unbiased Feedback to Improve Customer Experience and Grow Your Business

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Deliver Amazing Customer Experience

See any gaps between your expectations and your customer's experience, so your customers are treated the way you want. Now your team provides consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Staff Morale and Performance Soars

You worked hard to identify, recruit, and train your team. Our mystery shopping engagements often improve employee engagement by recognizing top performers and identifying areas for additional training.

Improve Operations and Grow Your Business

We help you identify where training is needed, needs to be reinforced, and where it makes a difference to your customers. Our proactive mystery shopping also can identify deficiencies or vulnerabilities in regulatory compliance. 

Business operations and revenues improve, and your team helps positively impact your customers and the world.

Your team should be able to consistently deliver amazing experiences for every person you serve.

  • Are you wasting time, money, and other resources by using non-evaluated processes and training?
  • Could your staff be more polished?
  • Have you added new locations and can’t be “everywhere”?
  • Do you risk losing customers you worked so hard to get?

See Your Organization Through Your Customer's Eyes

We are your extra pair of eyes that can find hidden inconsistencies in customer service and operations. We also help look after the safety and security of the business.

We know what it is like to lose great team members to the competition and have seen how effective employee training and recognition programs can prevent this. We also know how damaging poor customer experience can impact your business. 

For over 20 years, we've helped business leaders see possible blind spots in customer service and business processes. We provide actionable feedback that allows them to close the gap between the intended and the actual customer experience and improved business operations.

We help their people and their organization live up to their full potential to create outstanding customer experiences.

3 Steps To Delivering Fantastic Customer Experience

1. Schedule a Discovery Session

Select a convenient date and time and meet via phone or Zoom. We learn about your business and explore how we can help your team be their best to deliver fantastic customer experiences.

2. Decide What to Measure

"What gets measured gets done or improved." We work together to determine what to measure to make the biggest improvements and impact. Then we create a customized plan that puts our focus on those key areas.

3. Celebrate Improvement

We provide fact-based evaluation reports along with actionable recommendations needed to improve broken processes, reward good behaviors, stop damaging behaviors, and help you grow the bottom line.

We Love it When Our Customers Win

...the results have been outstanding...

"At Parker’s we have worked with On Guard Mystery Shoppers for a number of years and the results have been outstanding. After our initial shops, we worked together to fine tune what we wanted looked at and feel that we’re getting a great value per store visit. The Parker Companies"

Patrick Parker

Why Trust OnGuard Mystery Shoppers

We know that you want to be a confident and effective leader. To do that, you need insights and objective facts about the way your business, organization, and team is performing. It's impossible to objectively see everything taking place as your brand interacts with, and serves your customers. Sometimes this lack of insight makes you worry or feel vulnerable. Your team should be able to consistently deliver amazing service for every customer. There is so much untapped, under-utilized, and neglected potential within many employees looking for ways to work each day, succeed, and be recognized. If we help you fix this, the world would be a better place.

We understand how challenging it can be to provide consistently outstanding customer service, which is why we use our 20+ years of experience to become your extra pair of eyes and find hidden inconsistencies in processes and service. We also help look after the security and safety of your business.  
We provide fact-based evaluation reports along with actionable recommendations needed to improve broken processes, reward good behaviors, stop damaging behaviors, and help you grow the bottom line. Now your team consistently delivers a fantastic customer experience, staff morale soars, and your business grows.
So, you can stop worrying about the risk of losing customers you worked so hard to get and instead be confident your team consistently delivers fantastic service for every customer.


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